Day Sixty-Four..#How To Become An FBI Agent

Yesterday, after I finished my online house hunting for the evening, I decided to check out the X Factor USA Website (or US X Factor..I don’t really know the correct term) to see what was happening.

I wasn’t thinking of auditioning or anything..but someone I know wants I was just trying to educate myself on the process and requirements 🙂

So I set about and started to Google what it was I wanted to know..and about 7 results down, I stumbled across a search result from Wiki How titled “How to Become a FBI Agent“.

I immediately sat up..eyes widening and opened the link in a new tab.

*You know how people say when they’re about to die they get flashbacks of their lives..I was having flashforwards of what my life could be like..imagining that I was a part of the TV SeriesCriminal Minds” with Prentiss, Rossi, Garcia & crew 😛*

*I also think Reid was in my dream this morning..hmm..awkward*

Anyway..I started scanning the article..

The first point was (paraphrasing): You cannot be older than 37 but you cannot be younger than 23 when you are hired..

*I turn 23 this year..this is all good so far..*

Second point: You must have a driver’s licence in a US State..

*Dammit! So I need to go to a US state and obtain a drivers licence..CHECK! Added to my bucket list!*

Then there was some other stuff about education, physical fitness and commitment to the FBI..I think except for the initial minor seemed all well and good..I proceeded to the next section 😛


  • Illegal drug taking
  • Felony convictions
  • Never registering for selective service (whatever that is :s)

So I’m not going to go through the whole article (here is the link if you want to 😛 but for the record I can’t apply!

I was so bummed out cuz I could see my life as an FBI agent..It was AWESOME! Lool!

One part of the article I did find funny though (and it was actually under the WARNINGS section!) was when they said (paraphrasing again): If you fail to get into the FBI, you’ll have a diminished chance of getting into any other government agency you apply for because they’ll look at the FBI’s data and will also be likely to reject you based on that..ha!

Oh and I’m not a US Citizen..bummer!

So now I have the painful job of breaking the news to my parents that I in fact won’t be following my dreams of becoming an FBI Agent..and I know it will be followed by..”you can do anything if you put your mind to it”..and drones of “don’t give up”..but I know the truth..Lol..

Image Courtesy of Google Images

It was a good dream though.

Oh well..something else to cross off on my “List of Government Agencies That I’d Like to Join But Can’t” 😀

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day Sixty-Four..#How To Become An FBI Agent”

  1. Bit of a nutter arent ya! 🙂

  2. Doesn’t the “F” stand for fascist though?

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