Day Sixty-Three..#House Hunting

House hunting is difficult.

Especially if you are not in the country where you will be looking for said apartment!

So I took a break..went and made my slow cooked BBQ pork shredded sandwich, exhaled and started fresh.

I live in what you call a “student city”’s as the name suggests..the majority of it’s inhabitants are students..

Being out here in Portugal for a year not only means that my friends will graduate a year before me..but also that when I get back..I won’t have anyone to live with..*sniffles*..well I would..but I’d rather offence to them or anything! lol

Anywhoooo..So I’ve been looking and have been quite successful in my one point even calling my father (who is a property developer for advice) to confer 🙂

I’m highly proud of myself.

I also figured that since I’m going to be living alone as such..I kinda should also be thinking about getting a job..but again..annoying thing about that is..I can be extremely sure that whatever I find now won’t actually still be available in July when I get back to the UK..and if it is..there’s something wrong!

But yeah..that’s kinda what I’ve been doing today..drooling over apartments (and recipe searching actually)..

But now I’m kinda tired..

I didn’t realise apartment searching could be so exhausting..

The apartment below would be my’s so beautiful..AND it has a breakfast bar!

Until tomorrow comrads!

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~ by originalapplejunkie on March 3, 2012.

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