Day Sixty-Two..#Food

Sometimes I feel like my stomach is an abyss.

Stop laughing.


No matter how much I eat..I’m always hungry..It has started worrying me so much to the point that as I am typing this post..I am snacking between a handful of nuts and an orange.

So I love to cook.

You know when people ask you what you want for your birthday?

I always say cook books.


Unless I say apple juice 😛

But I eat an awful lot..

Breakfast: Tomato & Onion Spaghetti with two Kiwi’s and an orange.

Between classes/during breaks: Samosas or pastries of some kind with hot chocolate

Lunch: Grilled chicken, rice & salad with vegetable soup, 2 bread rolls and jelly for dessert. Oh and I had two cups of water with that

Dinner: Potatoes with a paprika sauce & water

Post dinner snacks consist of 2-3 slices of toast with 2-4 pieces of fruit, some apple juice or leftovers from dinner that I’d eaten about an hour and a half before.

So as you do..I typed Food Addict into Google..and they have recovery groups! Recovery groups that they compared to Alcohol Anonymous!

So according to Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous I may be a food addict.

*Should I be worried?*

But I guess the food I eat is pretty balanced and doesn’t consist of a whole heap of junk food and carbonated soft drinks (which I do have on occasion, however, not frequently!) so I should be okay right?

I’m certainly not putting on any maybe I’m not really eating as much as I think I am..

And being in Portugal..there’s so much awesome food here that I can’t help but want to try! I even made some Portuguese dishes at my Pre-Christmas dinner party when I went home for the holidays!

Oh well..I guess eating is better than not eating at all..and my mother will be sure to tell me if she thinks I’m eating too much!

Is it strange that I’m extremely excited about purchasing a slow cooker and spent hours last night looking for new cookbooks on Amazon??

Some find it strange that I take pictures of the things I cook..but doesn’t everyone do that?? 🙂 loool

I currently want to make chicken..

I made the one below last November for my house mates and some friends..we had it with plain white rice, red onion salad and fried plantain 😛

I want it again..

Liking food is normal right?!

Brown Stew Chicken



~ by originalapplejunkie on March 2, 2012.

11 Responses to “Day Sixty-Two..#Food”

  1. Hey love, soup has been on my menu for the past few days…trying to get well. I really love your blog sis, would love for you to check out my newborn baby(blog) 🙂 It’s:

    • I’ve been trying to find your blog since you liked another one of my posts!
      I’m so glad you sent it to me! Congratulations on the newborn!
      Aww..I’m sorry to hear you are not feeling well..sometimes I make Jamaican chicken wonders for the body..the process is quite a long one though!

      I just checked your blog! We’re friends on Hairlista!! whooo!! 🙂
      And I’m also in a group with you! Awesome stuff!!

      • Omg! I’m just now seeing your comment. Thanks so much for the well wishes, and soup recommendation! lol. And, we’re friends on hairlista?! Wow, small world. lol. What’s your username? And, what group are we in together? You’re right, that is awesome. I knew I liked you for some reason. ha ha 🙂

      • I’ll send you a message on Hairlista! 🙂

      • I just tried to leave you a comment, but it was from a different profile. Thanks for the kind words. What’s your hairlista username? MEssage me on there so that I won’t take up your blog comment section with all this chitter chatter 🙂

  2. Nothing wrong with being a food addict (as long as you aren’t 300 lbs)!

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