Day Sixty-One..#First Day of Rain in 2012!

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I hate the rain.

I mean..I don’t necessarily hate it hate it..but I strongly dislike it.

I jumped out of bed..the sun was smiling at me through the window..I got ready for school, got dressed and left.

Before I had reached there, my jacket was off and I’d rolled up my sleeves.

*Another warm day in Lisboa..yay*

I sat through two morning lectures, then proceeded to sit outside reading a book.

I went to my next lecture, and at 3, made the journey from one building to the next where I’d noticed that it wasn’t nearly as warm as it had been an hour ago and pulled my sleeves down..the sun had kinda disappeared as well..

My class finished a little early, and I started heading home.

I stepped outside the building and rain was coming down like someone had just switched on a tap and left it running.

*When it pours..sigh*

I stood under the ledge and looked down at my feet shaking my head.

*I was not wearing the correct type of shoes for this weather..the ONE day I decide to not wear closed shoes..the ONE day!*

The rain seemed like it was calming, so I zipped up my parka, pulled my hood over my head and walked hurriedly towards the bus stop..

When I was halfway between the school building and the bus stop the heavens opened and rain came pouring down like never before!

I was too far from the school building to go back..and was too close to the bus I did what any person would do..I ran!

It was terrible! Running in my shoes on the uneven and severely fractured pavement I slipped on 3 occasions..I couldn’t see where I was going because my glasses had taken a battering and the rain was just coming down too much for me to try and wipe and run at the same time! It was terrible!

When I eventually got to the bus stop, I ran for cover under the shelter and conveniently, the rain decided to calm down..

Then the teeth chattering began. I was FREEZING!

I looked down and my feet and shoes were soaked and my lovely grey jeans covered in dirty water and mud *hmph!*

I was not impressed.

Then I looked at the destination board.

706 – Cais do SodrĂ© – 13 mins.


Before I got home, and after I had dried a little bit, I was hit with my second bout of heavy rain and ended up running from the Metro Station to my apartment which luckily for me is only 5 minutes away. The longest 5 minutes ever!

I got in..took a shower and changed my clothes.

If I can recall correctly..this is the first day of rain Lisbon has encountered in 2012!

#As much as I enjoyed today’s adventure..I’d like the sun to come back please. I promise I won’t complain about the ridiculous heat again..well not unless it’s like reeeeallly ridiculous!

Thanking you in advance!


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