Day Fifty-Nine..#Shattered I’m like completely drained..

Like soo tired

And I have no idea why.

Recently, I’ve been finding that I’ve been sleeping a lot and my body aches a whole lot more than it usually does (which isn’t often..believe me)..

I catch myself coming home between classes to sleep, waking up, then going straight back to school again.

Because I have such early starts, I always make sure that I’m in bed between 11:30pm and 12 midnight..any time before then I won’t be able to sleep because of the sounds of the apartment, and any time after that I can be sure that I’ll wake up in the morning, still tired.

This has only been occurring probably consistently over the past two weeks..and I really want my body to just get back to normal.

I’m open to any body relaxing techniques that doesn’t require me to spend

Maybe I’ll go to sleep earlier today..

If only I had a bath..the things I could do..

Amazing Picture I found on The Yankee Candle Blog

Image Courtesy of


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 28, 2012.

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