Day Fifty-Seven..#Knowledge

Sunday’s seem to come around so fast out here..

It’s either that or the week going by REEEAAAAALLLY I am thankful for yet another weekend!

This week just gone is kind of a blur to me..maybe because I only attended school twice..the rest of the days have just sort of merged into a blur of nothingness..

I lie.

I remember I was actually very productive on my off days!

As much as would’ve enjoyed sleeping in and chilling out..I chose to read up on the Model United Nations and International Organisations for one of my classes..and watched a few “How to for Dummies” tutorials on how to use Microsoft Project..

So not as unproductive as I’m making it out to be 🙂

I’m a firm believer of improving and making one’s self better for self and usually find myself delving into research and projects that get me lost in the day.

Today being no different, as I submerged myself into the realms of Business, Politics, Markets and the present Syrian conflict..

Now please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was Benjamin Franklin that said “An investment in much knowledge pays much interest” (or something to that degree).

I always find it so that whenever I read something without having being told or coerced to (like I do when I’m studying! Lol..), I find I retain more..but that could be something common for everyone..I’m not sure.

All men by nature desire knowledge, that’s why no information to me is too advanced, too trivial, unreachable or unattainable..

Knowledge cannot replace imagination..but merely enhance it..

Well that’s only in my opinion.


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 26, 2012.

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