Day Fifty-Four..#Longest Day Ever..

Apologies for the tardiness of this post.

I literally got home..exchanged a few words with my house mates..changed into my PJ’s and went straight to sleep.

A phone call from my Father woke me up.

Now..I’m not sure I can even get away with saying this..but it is my belief that I just had the longest day. EVER. In the history of days.

*Yes. The dramatics are back today*

I usually pride myself on having 54 hours in my day whilst everyone else copes with the mediocre 24..I’m usually so busy and moving so fast I’m usually just a blur to most people..

But was different..

Today classes started at 8am. YES! STARTED!

Now forgive me..I know people work..and I’ve worked to know that 8am in working “grown-up” normal life isn’t really that early..and don’t even get me started if you have kids!

But there’s something about waking up..or being woken up in my case..before you need to be that kind of sort of throws me off my game a little bit before the day even starts!

Last night I had an awesome plan.

6:00am  – First alarm goes off. I jump out of my bed..grab the phone and hit snooze. It goes off every 10 minutes after that for the next half an hour to ease me into the world.

6:30am – Second alarm goes off. I jump out of my bed again to retrieve my 2nd phone from the other side of the room, forcing me to be exposed to just air in general.

6:30am – I go and cook something for breakfast.

7:00am – I jump into the shower and get dressed and ready.

7:25am – I leave my house and head to my 8am class. Stomach full. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

Yeah. Never happened.

At around 5am – maybe earlier (didn’t see the time), I was woken up by my house mates (not intentionally), who were making noise in the other room and I happened to be sleeping light enough to be woken up by it..

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed to myself.

I knew my plan was kaput..If I get woken up before my designated time then I end up drifting in and out of sleep, trying to stay awake in order not to sleep though my alarms and be late.

  1. I sleep-switched off one of my alarms in my trance like state.
  2. I pressed snooze on my 2nd alarm as if it was the first prompting me to essentially fall out of my bed at 6:57am and rushing to the bathroom.

Oh time for breakfast..

Anyway..I made it to school on time and sat through my first two hour lecture, followed immediately by my second two hour lecture. So it’s now 12 midday.

I have to print out the slides for my next classes, so I head to the University copy centre only to find I accidentally got in line behind someone that had printed about 600 pages..*I kid you not*

*At the peak of the day that cannot be fair!*

I leave the copy centre at 12:45. Yes. Really. And proceed to the lunch hall.

It usually opens at 12:30, yet it still was not open.


My next class starts at 1:30..another two hour class cut off half an hour earlier than its intended completion time by another two hour class then an hour group meeting to discuss project proposals due tomorrow.

Now I don’t know if you have ever been in the situation of being talked at for four hours had a “break” then was talked at again for a further 3 and a half hours then having to talk for an hour.

It gets incredibly exhausting doing absolutely nothing for the whole day.

As you can imagine, my brain was fried and I was absolutely shattered.

I got back home at 18:15, climbed into my bed at 18:30 and was involuntarily woken up at 21:12 by a lovely phone call from my daddy.

That was nice.

There was one other good thing about today..the weather was absolutely phenomenal!


*Here’s to Lisbon in February!*


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 23, 2012.

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