Day Fifty-Two..#Pancake Day

As I partied it up last night in true Portuguese Carnival fashion..I stopped to ponder..

..I never quite understood Pancake Day.

Also known as Shrove Tuesday.

Well I did..if I have to be was the whole eating pancakes part that I never got! I did some research and found out some facts that of course I have to share!

Fact #1: “Shrove” comes from the old English word “shrive” which means to ‘confess all sins

Fact #2: Pancake Day; also known as Shrove Tuesday, is the day that comes before Ash Wednesday; which is also known as the first day of the Christian season of Lent.

Fact #3: During Lent you are supposed to give up the eating of rich foods.

Fact #4: We eat pancakes because usually, the foods they are made with are restricted during the 40 day Lent period, so we must use them up before the start of the 40 day fast.

Fact #5: The apparent true meaning behind Lent is to imitate Jesus Christ’s 40-day fast whilst in the wilderness; although it’s argued that Lent isn’t actually instituted by God (I’m still conducting a lot of research into’s incredibly interesting)

Fact #6: At the end of Lent, (the last day) we have Holy Thursday, followed by Good Friday and then we celebrate Easter (and have Easter Sunday services) which symbolises the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ πŸ˜›

We don’t have Carnival in the UK to mark the beginning of Lent, so it was interesting to see how other cultures “celebrated”..And it was funny..because when I asked Portuguese people; and other foreign people here alike, what the purpose of the Carnival was..I was answered with choruses of people singing “We don’t know..” and floating away into the night..

Weird that people don’t know what everything represents..but if they did want to know I’m sure they’d make effort to find out..

Anyway, while you are digesting my amazing pancakes below (yes they tasted as awesome as they looked πŸ˜€), grab a pen!

Photo Courtesy of ME!! American Style Pancakes..expect nothing less..and was awesome!

Now; some dates for your diary!

Pancake Day

  1. February 21st 2012 (TODAY..WHOOO! PANCAKES!!)
  2. February 12th 2013
  3. March 4th 2014
  4. February 17th 2015
  5. February 9th 2016
  6. February 28th 2017
  7. February 13th 2018
  8. March 5th 2019
  9. February 25th 2020
  10. February 16th 2021
  11. March 1st 2022
  12. February 21st 2023
  13. February 13th 2024
  14. March 4th 2025
  15. February 26th 2026
  16. February 9th 2027
  17. February 29th 2028
  18. February 13th 2029
  19. March 5th 2030
  20. February 25th 2031
  21. February 10th 2032
  22. March 1st 2033
  23. February 21st 2034
  24. February 6th 2035
  25. February 26th 2036
  26. February 17th 2037
  27. March 9th 2038
  28. February 22nd 2039
  29. February 14th 2040
  30. March 5th 2041
  31. February 18th 2042
  32. February 10th 2043
  33. March 1st 2044
  34. February 21st 2045
  35. February 6th 2046
  36. February 26th 2047
  37. February 18th 2048
  38. March 2nd 2049
  39. February 22nd 2050

Disclaimer: Please write these dates in PENCIL in your they may be subject to change..but I highly doubt it!

Further Disclaimer: I DID NOT make up these dates..I got them from a reputable on-line source πŸ˜€

Happy Pancake Day!! πŸ˜›

~ by originalapplejunkie on February 21, 2012.

9 Responses to “Day Fifty-Two..#Pancake Day”

  1. Very good blog! thank you for reading and the “Like” of my post.

  2. Great post, I found myself thinking about the reasons why we have pancakes the other day, those pancakes look great

  3. The pancakes look delish. You need to post the recipe!

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  5. hahahahaha! Nice! Though I knew the religious meaning of Carnival, I had no idea whatsoever why the pancakes were such an important feature at this period. In France, the day of the “Crepes” is a few weeks earlier, and again, I have no idea why they eat Crepes at that particular day…

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