Day Fourty-Nine..#Chickens

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Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and your stomach starts insulting you?

I mean really..

I don’t make a habit of eating late because that usually means that when I wake up in the morning I’ll be crazy hungry.

Last night I did not in fact eat late..yes I had a few beverages..and an orange..but not like real food.

However I did stay up until about 5am watching Criminal Minds and part washing my hair..*washing my hair is a 2-day process..but that’s  a whole other me* and during the time I was awake started getting monstrously hungry..

I ignored the feeling..previous experience has taught me to just wait until morning and do something about it then.

So being as proactive as I am..I decided to prepare something to eat for later on..

So I wandered to the kitchen..PJ’s on..bag on head steaming my conditioner and decided maybe later I wanted to eat I started rummaging around..

To my surprise..there was no

*I’d also watched “Chicken Run” earlier on in the day and started giggling to myself at the prospect they’d escaped because they really didn’t want to be cooked..hmmm..pie*

I digress. Lol

I looked around desperately trying to ascertain what happened to the poultry that had been comfortably sitting between some bread and some spinach in the freezer.

It sure as well did not eat itself that’s for sure..

Anyway..I decided that maybe my mind was playing tricks on me and decided that I’d look for it again in the as I wandered to the kitchen..I wandered back to my room carefully stepping over wires, blow-dryers and empty water bottles..

*Don’t ask*

So I woke up..had 4 slices of toast with some lovely strawberry jam and some tropical juice and then opened the freezer again with fresh eyes to look for the “runaway chicken” and I really couldn’t find it..

In my mind I was really trying to remember if I’d cooked it already or not..

*I find it so distressing when food disappears..*

So eventually I stopped looking and closed the freezer door..*it was starting to get cold*

Maybe it did eat itself..or escaped to find somewhere to dust-bathe..I hear they do that a lot..

*Awkward..yes..I thought so too*

Apparently there are more chickens than people in the world..and this isn’t the first time I’m sure that chicken has disappeared from someone’s home..

We need to be nicer to chicken because one day..they may take over the world.. :O

Oh well..until that time comes..I need to go and finish washing my hair..Lol


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 18, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day Fourty-Nine..#Chickens”

  1. LOL. I can relate to this post. Sad. lol:)

  2. There definitely aren’t enough posts these days that reference “Chicken Run.”

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