Day Fourty-Two..#Tang

Laranja = Orange in Portuguese (But the picture is probably really obvious!)

When I go to the grocery rule of thumb is never to be hungry..because then I always end up buying things that are totally unnecessary to life that could’ve been avoided.

Two of the main supermarkets in Portugal are Pingo Doce and Continente.

I shop in Pingo Doce as I find Continente a bit pricey at times..*however if I’m looking for something that I need for something I am cooking that I know I’d find easily in the UKΒ and haven’t seen it anywhere else, I can be assured I’ll find it at Continente.*

Anyway..I’m a shopper that is always armed with a list..I first obtain everything on my list that’s available before I begin to stroll leisurely up and down the aisles..just looking..

Recently, I’ve been trying to consume more water on a daily basis..*failing miserably..but indeed trying*

*I don’t like tastes like nothing..I’m more of an apple juice kinda gyal πŸ˜‰*

Now whenever I go down the beverages aisle..I always see packets of what I assumed to be the Portuguese version of Kool-Aid sitting on the shelves..and me being decided to purchase a sachet..complete with a bottle of water πŸ™‚

I got home and looked it up..only to find that Tang in fact is an American brand owned by Kraft foods. This kinda sort of made me feel a little bit better about what I envisioned it tasting like and I grabbed a glass.

Now my Portuguese is a little rusty but on the front of the packet it stated there should be 30g of Tang Powder to 1 litre one sachet of powder to a jug full of water..

We don’t own a I thought I could tweak the recommendation for my I poured in half a glass of water and added some of the Orange flavoured Tang powder that I bought and started stirring it with my straw until the powder had disappeared..I then took a sip..It. Was. AWFUL!

Way..WAY too sweet. So I added more water..A LOT more water..but the taste never changed..and to top it all left a funny after taste in the back of my throat..

So I went and ate and drank some other things..then about an hour later..gave it another shot..

It didn’t was still awkward tasting and left a weird taste in the back of my throat.

Now I’m not really that big a fan of Kool-Aid, but I can drink it..Tang..I don’t think I could drink again..ever.

Needless to say the remaining Tang powder found a nice comfortable spot in my garbage..

People may like it..but now that I know that it’s definitely not for me..I can stop wondering what it tastes like when I am grocery shopping next! πŸ˜›


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 11, 2012.

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