Day Thirty-Eight..#Random Ramblings..

I love the fact that I have WordPress for Blackberry..means I can upload posts check comments and do other things w/out leaving the comfort of my bed 🙂

Oh update you on some great news..I passed the exam that I had to sit again! I got the results yesterday and was pleased at my new grade..if only I had put that much effort in the first time I wouldn’t have had to do it a second time..but it’s all is full of lessons..and what I’ve been realising lately is that if you fail..contrary to popular belief..the sky actually won’t fall down..if anything, it gives you an opportunity to do better.

So I woke up this morning and I realised that I’d had a bit of a funny dream.
Now after I wake up from a weird-ish kinda dream it takes me a while to realise that I’m actually awake and my eyes are still closed. So I lay there..replaying this dream over in my head..trying to recall the details..I remember walking through a building to a huge space outside where people were seated in front of a stage..and I hid behind a black curtain because I hadn’t waxed my legs *Too much information maybe? Oh well..I’ve already put it out*
I always try to make sense of my matter how garbled they are otherwise it really bothers me..

Then don’t ask me how..but my mind wandered back to me as a tiny human. Thinking about things that I my My Little Pony lunchbox with matching Sippy Cup, my love for the Rugrats and the fact that life was so relaxing and carefree then..*I do miss those times*
Now you can’t be a kid forever..eventually you have to leave the nest..ditch the coop and make something of yourself..well you don’t have to..but I’m sure our parents/guardians would love it if we did 🙂

Been thinking about weddings and being married a lot more than usual..*I already think about it a lot as I am a wedding and party I’m talking outside of the “professional” spectrum if you will* and I realised that its such a beautiful and sacred thing..I rarely think about my wedding as opposed to who I’ll eventually end up spending my life with..where will I meet him..what kinda guy will he be..will he have muscles *yummy* but really..I’ve been highly inquisitive of late..and a little excited about it all..but it’s another one of those things in life where you just have to wait and find out I guess 🙂

Now sorry about the inconsistencies in this seemed much more logical and cohesive when it was in my head..but meh..sometimes things don’t make sense..#Life
And actually I don’t really want to apologise so I take it back 😛

Now to make either some buffalo wings, spicy BBQ wings or spare ribs..decisions, decisions!


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Day Thirty-Eight..#Random Ramblings..”

  1. Congrats on passing your exams. Just wondering what having your legs waxed was all about? As a Border Terrier I’m furry all over, this waxing thing won’t apply to me will it?

    • Thank you! That exam was a welcomed challenge come to think of it! 🙂
      No idea on the waxing front..sometimes random things just job is to except without qualms.. 😛
      I don’t think it does apply..unless you wana look like a Sphynx Cat or a Chinese Crested Dog..*don’t worry..I cringed for you on BOTH counts!*

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