Day Thirty-Seven..#:)

So I’m a pretty athletic person.

Consider myself to be very fit and very sports-literate 🙂

I’m also extremely competitive.


So yesterday/Saturday night..myself and my house mates ventured out to find a bar where we could watch the Superbowl..and stumbled across an Irish Bar called O’Gillians in Cais do Sodré.

The game wasn’t scheduled to be switched on until 23:30 so we sat there, made friends with some new people and we talked..then 23:20 came and we moved over to a more comfortable position on a couch and ordered some snacks..

When the tv eventually got switched on, I was bummed when I realised I missed the National Anthem and some pre-game interviews/entertainment..*I always like to watch who they get to see how good they are..I personally thought it was going to be Christina Aguilera..but apparently it was Kelly Clarkson..but I like her it’s okay*

So anyway..the game started and my eyes were glued to the screen as the first quarter got into play.

*I cheer for the New York Giants*

As the game progressed from the 1st quarter into the 2nd..I’m sure I could feel my heart rate increasing at an unhealthy pace. I was yelling and screaming and banging my hands on tables as I saw incomplete passes, unnecessary fumbles and a lot of good offense from the Giants..So I’m sure you’ll understand why at half time I was a little upset when the Patriots were 10-9 up.

Now nothing personal against Madonna..I’m not such a big fan..but her half-time show was cool..and I caught myself singing along to some of the lyrics for some of the songs..It was entertaining..I’ll give her that..

After that..we got told that the bar we were in was closing at 2..and at this time it was about 1:20am and it was still half we ran round the corner to another Irish Bar called Hennessy’s Irish Pub, which shut at 4am. We got there seconds before the opening of the 3rd quarter and hopped up on seats at the bar in front of the big screen..

FYI: The pub is amazing..will be revisiting it soon..met a lovely bartender named Charlie who was also English 🙂

The yelling, screaming and hand banging commenced again and I caught myself screaming at the TV to *Pick up the pace guys! I looked pretty crazy I’m sure..but such is life*

Again my heart was pumping unnecessarily fast as we progressed into the fourth quarter and with intent I began rocking in my chair. I had all the faith the Giants were going to win..and started taunting my house mate as she was doubting their ability to win the game..whilst I was all the more confident that before the last 7 minutes we would have scored a touchdown.

Well we scored, but it wasn’t until the last 4..when Bradshaw kinda just fell seated in the end zone as if to say “I’m taking a break ya’ll! Ha ha!” after that..I felt a little relief..but four minutes lasts a lifetime in a football I was just trying to hold my breath until it was over..


Now my voice is kinda if I started shouting people would notice..I expected them to look at me funny..but in the spirit of the game the guys started applauding and whooping and screaming too!

FYI: When it comes to sports..I kinda become pretty aggressive and extremely competitive and a little mean..*I can’t help it*..I don’t know why..but it brings out the worst in me..I ALWAYS have to win..losing is NEVER an option..

But anyway..the game finished and I felt like a proud mama cheering for all her kids..I felt content and satisfied all at the same time..we had a very good night..

When the fourth quarter was up, the rupture of applause and excitement in the bar was phenomenal *there were a lot of Americans there who were also Giants fans* and the buzz was crazy amazing..

I was beaming from ear to ear as we headed to the bus stop to make our way home..We got back at 4am and amazingly, I had the best sleep I’ve had in what has felt like the longest while..#LoveIt!


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day Thirty-Seven..#:)”

  1. When Bradshaw fell into the endzone, I actually laughed. It’s very rare for me to laugh at a football game. I guess it takes a guy who looks like he’s not sure whether he even wants to score to make it happen.

    • I laughed loud too!
      But when I was reading an article on MSNBC Sports..they were talking to Manning and apparently he was screaming at Bradshaw NOT to maybe he really wasn’t trying to score but ended up kinda falling in

  2. Sport is great way to exercise the heart muscle, even just watching it as you proved. My dad grumps about american sports because there’s too many breaks in play, but he is a secret Steelers fan. Mind you he records the games and fast forwards between plays so a game actually lasts about half an hour – not 5!

    • I’m sure your dad will never admit that secretly he loves it..*he he*
      There are a lot of breaks in play..and I always complain about it..but I have to watch it then because I hate being told the score of a game if I haven’t watched it..then all the anticipation is non-existent..
      The Steelers are a good team 😀

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