Day Thirty-Three..#A Clean & Polish

So today..despite the notion I felt in the pit of my stomach..I returned back to the dentist.

I walked in to be greeted with an “Ola!” by the receptionists..*This was my 4th visit in two weeks..I was fast becoming a familiar face*

The first thing the practitioner told me was “ came alone?” and smiled at me. They are all aware of my fears of the dentist and I have never visited them she was very surprised.

I sat in the chair..and I waited.

I was just getting a clean and polish so why were my hands shaking?

She turned on the overhead light and looked in my mouth. Then she gave me a tooth shaped mirror and showed me what she was going to do and where. I nodded and tried to relax.

Then she said “..if it hurts, I want you to signal to me by raising your left hand..” I believe she saw the look in my eyes and then said to me “..It shouldn’t hurt..but if it need to know what to do..” I let out a “Ha” before I realised it had come out of my mouth.

I no longer trusted this woman.

She placed a suction tube inside my mouth on the left side and showed me this incredibly sharp tool that she said she would use to clean..but I shouldn’t worry because water comes out of the end..

*I don’t know if that was supposed to make me feel better..It didn’t.*

So I kinda just sat there..then the whirring started and I closed my eyes.

40 minutes later..everything was complete and I only had to raise my hand once.

I looked again in the tooth shaped mirror and my teeth were much shinier than they were when I came in *which was the aim of the appointment I know* and then the dentist started speaking to me about what I was going to do about my tooth.

Against everything that was stirring within me..I booked another appointment for next week Thursday to further talk about my teeth with another doctor that I had never met *every appointment I’ve had has been with different practitioners..blushes* before I left and headed back home.

As much as I hate the dentist, I do have to admit I love the feeling of running my tongue over my teeth and gums after a good clean and polish 🙂


~ by originalapplejunkie on February 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day Thirty-Three..#A Clean & Polish”

  1. My dad always says “the wish to become a dentist should bar you for life from actually becoming one.” Putting your hands in someone elses mouth is a quite unnatural act.
    My grandad used to advise grabbing them by their crown jewels and asking “this isn’t going to hurt us is it?”
    Love your blog

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