Day Thirty-Two..#Dentists..

I really wanted to start again with Day One..because it’s February 1st..but logically it is Day Thirty-Two..

Er..It’s February 1st..erm..wasn’t it January 1st yesterday?! So now I blink and a whole month has gone past..


Also..*my birthday is in exactly 7 months* it sad that I’m counting down already?? I don’t care! It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

So onto today’s post..

I don’t know if it’s just me..but Dentists scare really scare me..

My thing is that I don’t understand why we have to pay them to have pain inflicted on ourselves..but as I was rightly corrected yesterday when I visited the Dentist..they are actually paid to reduce the pain that people receive..but we won’t get into that..It’s just a technicality!

So last week..and for about two weeks prior to house mate was having severe we started looking around for her to get her teeth seen to..and we ended up asking our landlord who happened to have a friend that was a dentist..and so we both went in.

..Now I knew I needed a check-up it had been almost two years since my last you know..not wanting my teeth to rot and whatever..I was also seen last week too..

So we went into the dental practitioners office and they x-rayed my mouth and hers..she was given a bout of antibiotics to fight an infection..unfortunately for news wasn’t too good..

I had been having pain in my tooth..on and off for the past year and a half due to something that happened with on of my teeth in the summer of I knew within me I needed to get seen..anyway..the dentist told me that I needed a root canal because I had an infection that needed to be sorted out..

*honestly..I knew he would say that..*sigh*

So I booked an appointment for yesterday and went back..

My appointment was for 4pm..and I got there 15 minutes I sat in the waiting room of the most beautiful dentist I’d ever seen trying to think about everything else accept what they were going to do in my mouth.

Now my teeth are pretty cool..I brush them at least twice a day and floss after every meal..just because the dentist freaks me out..I only have one filling..and then I had another tooth repaired from the accident in 2009..that was the tooth that was the problem.

I was ushered into the dentists office at 16:09..*after I tried to make a beehive for the exit that got blocked..I wasn’t fast enough!* and saw all the tools they had laid out for my root canal..I immediately started laughing..*It’s really embarrassing, but I do have a nervous laugh*..I was asked to sit in the chair and the dentist came in and smiled at me..*I think I smiled back with a pretty manic/deranged look..ha ha* you know..unwillingly..I sat down..and when I’m nervous..I also talk..A LOT! So I was just blabbing about something or other while the dentist lowered my chair to the horizontal position and reassured me he is a nice dentist..*didn’t reassure me in the slightest..#JustSayin..*

So he pulled up the x-ray that was taken at my 1st appointment and after explaining where the infection was and what needed to be done..he told me that he needed to take an x-ray of the inside of my he got a little black device *that was kinda pointy I must say*..put it on the inside of my cheek next to the tooth and x-rayed the outside with a mini x-ray device..*well..I’m assuming that’s what it was..I have no idea!* and pulled up the image to the screen..

He then started talking to his assistant in Portuguese and called in another dentist and then decided to take another photograph of the inside of my tooth..then they spoke again and he turned back to me and said it wasn’t good news..

*100 euros if you can guess my reaction!*

He started lifting up the chair and then basically told me that he could not do my root canal because my tooth had completely split down the centre and so had cracked severely..which is the pain I had probably been feeling for a he couldn’t do the root canal because that tooth now was no longer salvageable..I stared at him blankly..

“So now what?” I asked..

He told me that I would need to have the tooth pulled out and replaced with a dental implant and crown..after treating the Peridontal Infection that was at the root of my tooth with antibiotics..I asked him how much it would cost..and he told me that implants usually cost around 500-700 Euro’s.

*I actually thought he was kidding*

He again turned back to talking to another practitioner that had come in and was explaining what was wrong, then he turned back to me and told me that everything that I needed done would cost me €1500 and I think I just looked at him.

I said nothing..

*I also think my mouth was open..rude..oopsies*

I had a million and one questions about everything and the price and he told me it needs to be something that is done right away to make sure I protect my gums from any problems *I was still just staring at him*..then he told me he’s sorry he couldn’t do anything for me..and told me to try and get it sorted out as soon as possible before it got any worse.

I left the room and booked another appointment to get my teeth cleaned and polished for tomorrow while I pondered over the price I was quoted.


I was pretty freaked by what happened yesterday..because I seriously didn’t think it was that bad..but clearly I was wrong..

Now a question for you guys *namely for all the dental practitioners out there* I need a bout of antibiotics to clear up my Peridontal Infection, I then need to have a tooth (ONE tooth – I think it may be my 1st molar or 2nd premolar, I’m not sure) extracted and an implant fitted with a crown. If I did this in the United much roughly do you think it would cost?
I don’t know if this €1500 quote is a good I need some advice..

But yeah..I’ve been thinking about it a lot since yesterday and now want to stop before I drive myself crazy!

For the record..I still don’t like dentists 😦



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