Day Twenty-Nine..#Music

Today has been a good day..

A really good one..

Came to a part of Lisbon I’ve never been before called’s crazy beautiful..

My house mates and I came to watch some of our friends playing basketball..the weather being amazing..we sat outside in the courtyard..soaking in the sun by the pool *literally* and watching the game 🙂

For the past 4 hours..we’ve all been sitting down..talking..eating and drinking a lot..

Then the usual fell to music..not just any music..old school music..

*..The likes of Method Man..Mase..The Fugees..Public Enemy..DJ Jazzy Jeff..H-Town and Jodeci to name a few..*

Now when a group of us get together..we always have crazy discussions about something or other..and they’re always really a test to see who really knows what they’re talking about and bring to the forefront those that don’t 🙂
But then it’s always a great time to remember music that we thought was long forgotten..

Now, no offence to Nicki Minaj and all these “new school prodigies”..but I think if we’re looking at good have to go back in the day..where when artists did videos, they were fully clothed and not talking about sexual accomplishments, cursing other people out and being terrible role models *like I said no offence.. Like you, I am entitled to my own opinion*

Even as I type this..I’m listening to Blackstreet – Joy..brings back so many memories..and it’s such a lovely song..There’s a mini guitar solo in it that I love..I don’t know why..but it just sounds so amazing..

I’ve done posts on music before..enough for you to know how I feel about is one of the few things that can positively change my mood..and I know it sounds crazy to “rely” on music for something or if you understood how emotional music makes wouldn’t believe..

I ducked away from the group to do this I’ve gotta get back

I hope you have had a blessed and amazing Sunday..

When I get home..I still have to wash my!!



Here’s a song for ya’ll to reminisce on..

Random Fact: Brandy was 15 years old when this became her first hit..Enjoy

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 29, 2012.

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