Day Twenty-Eight..#That Guy..

I need a good guy in my life.

One that will love me for me..treat me with respect and fight for me.

I need a guy that will love me..but love God more..

A guy that will be honest and not afraid to open up to who is considerate of my feelings and who will complement me.

I need a guy who I can give my heart that I can confide in and one that realises that sometimes I make mistakes..

I need a guy who will be supportive of me..and I of him..

A guy that has a heart of gold..who is thoughtful and chivalrous..

One that will have compassion for others..and who is also strong-willed, driven and ambitious.

I need a guy that is honourable..charitable..gentle..romantic..and kind.

A guy that will bring out the best in me..and one that I always know how to make smile..

I need a guy that is encouraging and listens..advising wisely..

A guy that can say I’m sorry when he’s wrong..and never hold a grudge.

I need a guy that has a good sense of humour..and can have fun..

One that wakes up on the right side of the bed..every morning..and gives thanks..

Just some thoughts


~ by originalapplejunkie on January 28, 2012.

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