Day Twenty-Three..#Early Bird..

Financial Accounting aint got nothing on me..*duz the funky dance*

I think I’ve written a post with this title already..

oh well 🙂 weekend has been great..the week has been amazing..and it hasn’t even started yet!

So this morning..I got up to take the clothes out of the washing machine that we put in the night’s I assumed that its know..done..

So I open the machine..and water starts pouring out like I slam it close and look one sees me..but I still have to clean up the mini-flood I I get some dirty towels..switch the machine back on and clean up the water..

I stood there for a whole 17 minutes before I realised that I was just staring at the machine..ha ha..

*This is what studying in excess does to you..take my word..he he*


So it’s 8:43am..I’ve been up already for about 2 hours..1 hour of which I spent studying..17 minutes of which I have spent looking at a washing machine..and however long the remaining minutes were..I was frolicking 🙂 ha ha

Today I am covering the role of the “International Accounting Standards Board” (also known as IASB) in Financial’s a lot of ground to cover..but my mind is fully open and ready..


**“So one day..I met this raccoon named Billy. Billy was a happy raccoon..always chewing on beech nuts or peaches..whatever he found in the wild..”**

..I really have no idea where this “story” is going..but recently I’ve taken a liking to the word raccoon..

Say it out loud..raccoon..I think it’s kinda funny..lool..

I digress..

I need to get back to studying..I pray all your days are as blessed as mine 🙂


~ by originalapplejunkie on January 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day Twenty-Three..#Early Bird..”

  1. Ummmm… is financial accounting getting to you?!

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