Day Twenty..#Back to the drawing board

So..I got my grades back for my exams..and I guess the studying paid off for all but one..

So in exactly one week..I have to repeat my last exam..

To be honest..I don’t think I was expecting it..I mean I wasn’t the greatest at the subject..but I think I tried my best..but clearly my best was not good enough..

So this is the plan..for the next 7 days I am going to eat, sleep and dream Financial Accounting..

I know the 2nd time around, it’ll be much better because now I’m out to prove that I can do it..and even though I’ve never done it before this’s no excuse..I’m capable of learning new things, capable of being taught..capable of understanding and I WILL do better.

This will not defeat me for the simple fact that I don’t accept failure.

I start tonight..wish me luck..


~ by originalapplejunkie on January 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day Twenty..#Back to the drawing board”

  1. I really like you positive attitude, you never say it’s somebody else’s fault, you just get down to it and do what’s necessary to get results. I’m filled with admiration.

    • Thanks..
      I will admit..I know it’s not going to be easy..but I also don’t easily accept defeat.
      As disappointed as I am in provides me with another opportunity to prove myself wrong..I’m capable of anything I set my mind to..I know that for a fact.
      This time next week will be great news!

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