Day Eighteen..#Morning Stroll

It’s never taken me this long to write a post before..

My head feels a little cloudy..December and January are pretty tough months for me..

Forces me to think about a lot and be thankful that I’m alive and still breathing..

Every day, I try to learn something something different..better myself for self..and for those who loved me that unfortunately are not around to see who I’ve become today.

Sometimes, I take things for granted and forget the little things.

Yesterday 7:00am I was showered, dressed and had left my house to take a walk..

There was a heavy lingering smell of fresh bread, pastries and coffee.

I hopped on the metro and took the train to Santa Apolónia, where I walked along the Tagus River all the way down to Cais do Sodré got back on the metro and came back home..all whilst Lisbon was still asleep..

*If you are ever in Lisbon, I recommend you go to this spot and take a walk..the landscape and sounds and’ll be completely blown away..*

As I was walking..unconsciously, I was thinking..of nothing in particular but everything at the same time..I felt so overwhelmed and thankful..just for life..I just stood there..staring at the river slowly going by..

It was cold..but it was so beautiful.


Sometimes in life, people are so busy rushing around and doing so many different things and they never stop, be still and take it all in.

When you slow down enough to hear your heart beating as you walk along a path in complete silence appreciating’ll realise that you’ll feel so content and at ease..

Find a place where you can go..appreciate just being..and not have to say a word..

Trust me..

It’s one of the best feelings in the world.


~ by originalapplejunkie on January 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day Eighteen..#Morning Stroll”

  1. I felt the same thing on the beach yesterday. The simple pleasure of feeling the wind on your face, of being alive. Nature does wonders for the soul.

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