Day Thirteeen..#Aloe Vera Gel

Okay, so the lovely gentleman sitting next to me in the Computer Lab just turned his head towards me to sneeze in my EWWWW..seriously!

Is this some sort of disgusting conspiracy to make me ill?!

If it is..I don’t accept..

I can feel the millions of germs hitting my body as I type this.. :s

*So when I eventually reach my apartment..these clothes are going to be severely disinfected and washed, and I am taking a long shower. Unfortunately, I don’t carry enough sanitiser to sanitise the entire right side of my body..cringe..I did have enough for my hands, wrists and face..and if you’re not supposed to apply this hygiene gel to your face..too late*

Do you know how many millions of germs are spread from one sneeze..and those germs can travel up to 100 miles per hour (mph) and can reside in the air for up to THREE HOURS..*I want my mommy..sniffles*

My friend and I were talking and he described it as Biological Warfare. I completely agree.

*A little dramatic today aren’t I? Oh Well..I think I have OCD technically this is a “normal” reaction for me..he’s lucky this didn’t happen in my apartment, because I would’ve whipped out my Dettol AntiBacterial Spray and attacked him faster than those little germs could enter into my personal space*

Swiftly moving on to more pressing issues!

So recently, I began noticing that black spots had started appearing on my face..out of nowhere..

I don’t wear make-up, rarely have spots and my diet hasn’t changed..but for the past month and a half, I had begun noticing these black spots appearing. At first I thought, maybe they were spots that I scratched that turned into blackheads..then when more started to appear, I realised that that was not the case.

Not knowing what was causing it, was driving me to becoming paranoid, not really feeling comfortable leaving my house because I felt that people would be staring at me *slightly dramatic again, but believe me when I say it made me feel terrible :(*

So, the doctor in me, started to do loads of research to find out what could be the cause and I couldn’t find much relevant or relatable to the issue at I changed my focus into what I could do to get rid of them..

..So my journey began into homeopathic and natural remedies..

Living on a budget, I don’t really have the disposable income to be trying different products, so I thought if I could find out ways to get rid of these things as well as maintaining chemical free skin, it would be a win-win 🙂

My search had me up late, sitting in front of my PC in a dimly lit room making my way through websites, forums, web md and other health-related sites alike, and a common thread I found through all of them were Pure Aloe Vera (in a gel or liquid form), honey and lemon.

We’ll start with Lemon.

In my research I found that the juice from Lemon can severely reduce acne..*I know what I have is not acne, but hear me out*..Lemon juice is high in Hydroxyl Acids (citric acidity), which is one of acne’s adversaries! Lemon juice also burns away the top layer of skin to work on any scarring that may have developed also.


Honey has a lot of antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties that have led it to be used in various types of skin treatments for a number of years. During my research, I also found that when the bees collect honey, they add an enzyme that generates low levels of hydrogen peroxide, which is the active ingredient that kills bacteria. If you get a good jar of honey..then this would be really good..but the efficacy of this can vary from jar to jar *so I’ve read*.

But anyway..honey is a humectant, which means its something that draws out water and moisture. Using it on your skin, will enable it to remain moisturised, and it would also draw out any impurities quicker than it would if you weren’t using a “honey mask” so to speak. It is known to be good for the skin, because it fades hyperpigmentation, prevents newly popped spots from scabbing * popping*..and gently begins lightening scars, eventually getting rid of them.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is IT! And I don’t know why!

I’ve been using it now for the past week as a “face mask” before I go to sleep, then wash it off in the morning when I wake up..and in a week, my dark spots are in fact beginning to fade. They haven’t gone completely, but I’m working towards eliminating them on a more permanent basis in the near future!

So, before I go to sleep, I clean my face with a flannel that I put in warm water diluted with antiseptic (a personal choice I decided to incorporate) then pat my face until it’s almost dry. This opens up my pores; if you will, and enables the aloe vera to penetrate my skin..*be careful not to use too much antiseptic, the ratio should always be 1 part antiseptic to 3 parts warm water*.. then I apply a light layer of the aloe vera to the affected areas and wait for 15 minutes and it tightens on my skin like I put on a mask *if the aloe vera doesn’t tighten then you’ve used too much!*..after the 15 minutes, I can climb into bed, because it is dry and I try to stay on my back..but because I move too much when I sleep, I’m never still on my back when I wake up..ha ha!

But after using the aloe vera method for a has improved the “blackheads” on my face and I am very pleased 🙂

I’m also drinking a lot more water, so that should be helping as well *water..YUCK!*

Disclaimer: *In no way has what I found out whilst conducting my “research” been proven or approved to work by any medical association..sometimes it has good effects and for others it doesn’t..I’ve just used what I thought would be best for me..and what I could see myself using over a longer period of time*

I bought 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel and it’s what is working for me..but like I said before..everybody is different 🙂

Mundial de Boa Noite


~ by originalapplejunkie on January 13, 2012.

5 Responses to “Day Thirteeen..#Aloe Vera Gel”

  1. Your post made me laugh. Aloe vera is magic, for skin, sunburn, scalp problems. It’s something one should always have on hand.

  2. My 16 yr old son has battled acne throughout his teen years. We have tried everything from proactive to prescription meds. We tried some natural remedies, because 1. I couldn’t afford to keep him in all of these expensive cleansers and meds, and 2. he went vegetarian, and became extremely health conscious. He does not like to use anything with chemicals or pharmaceuticals. So we tried lemon, honey, aloe, egg whites, and others. What he has found that works best for him is making a paste of water and baking soda and gently scrubbing his face with it. He eats very healthy and only drinks water, and is the cleanest person I know, so you would think his skin would be nice, but he still issues with acne. He would kill me for saying this, but I swear his beauty regimen puts mine to shame. Then again his self-discipline and commitment to diet and exercise does too. =D

    • I heard about the water and baking soda, but I’ve never tried it..acne’s really funny though, because I know some things that have worked for a long time in clearing it up will suddenly not work any more..
      I always try to take care of my skin, and like your son try not to use anything with chemicals or pharmaceuticals. What has always worked in keeping my skin clear since I was little (because I used to have eczema also) was to do my antibacterial wipe with warm water (well my dad did it for me until I was old enough to start doing it for myself) then apply a non-oil based cream/ cream of choice was E45 *It was prescribed to me by my GP* really worked for me..and if you do it at 1st sign of spots/pimples/acne, by the next morning, I found that the inflammation had reduced severely..and sure enough, it’ll get worse before it gets better, but the antibacterial “scrub” draws out or “opens” spots, then the application of the E45 seals the head of the acne to stop scabbing. I would’ve used E45 like I used to, but in Portugal it is so expensive (starts from 5 euro for a squeezy tube), so I decided to try the aloe vera, and so far it’s okay.
      I’m always eating healthily, however, my intake of water is shameful to say the least. I really do try and drink more, but it doesn’t taste like anything..aarrgh! lol..But I’m trying..and I know it’s good for me..but for some reason, that doesn’t make me want to drink it any more than I already do (or don’t in my case!) 😛

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