Day Eight..#FINISHED!

As of today at 16.09, I completed my revision for my exam tomorrow.

I know most of you must be thinking..that was kinda last it wasn’t..been working on it since Monday when I got back!
I treated myself by going grocery shopping *tee he he..yes..I do love to spoil myself!*

But now..I’m climbing into bed and curling up with a good book to relax my mind from the barrage of information I just inflicted on my brain!

Tomorrow after my exam, I’ll update you on how it went..

Wish me luck


*update*..Shattered isn’t even the word..

~ by originalapplejunkie on January 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “Day Eight..#FINISHED!”

  1. What sort of things do you buy when you go grocery shopping? What’s different and delicious in Portugal?

    • I think I like food shopping more than any other kind of shopping 🙂
      Lisbon is a seafood city..but I’ve never bought any seafood before mum always cooks the fish that I eat..and she knows how I like I am yet to attempt that for myself..however I did cook a different type of fish over the Christmas period 🙂
      So..I bought some ingredients to make lasagne..*which I have never made before..but what have I got to lose..* I also bought King prawns, some duck breast, scallops, wild berries..honey..a Portuguese version of Parma ham..some chicken breast..I bought quite a few more things like fruit & vegetables..*they have the most amazing clementines..eyes light up*..granny smith apples..strawberries..pineapple..pear..cherry tomatoes..mushrooms, salad leaves, mixed peppers..sooo much amazing food..
      They also have this amazing dessert called Pastel de Nata..I bought the ingredients to make a tarte de nata (the bigger version..!). I also struggled contemplating whether to buy potatoes or not. I have this obsession with potatoes and it is a staple part of my diet..however I have recently found out that I have an allergy to them when they are raw..cooked is fine..but raw messes with my immune system some I had to decide over my love for potatoes or my love for breathing..I chose breathing 😦
      I do miss my potatoes though 😦

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