Day Three..#A Photo A Day I also decided that alongside my #Project365, I’m also going to aim to take one photo a day of the people around me..or my surroundings..or something associated with Lisbon Life..

When I was back home in London, I found my camera, and brought it back to Lisbon with me..and I can’t wait to snap away…there are so many beautiful things here to see and be part of 🙂

I have my Kodak V1273 and quite a lot of I’ll see what I can get pictures of! 🙂

Also, I have my 1st examination tomorrow for one of my classes and I am praying that I pass with flying colours..but we’ll talk about that later..

I took this photo of a Monastery in Belém, Lisbon..and I think it’s absolutely beautiful..

Monastery - Belém, Lisbon

Going back to studying now..until tomorrow


~ by originalapplejunkie on January 3, 2012.

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