Confessions of an Addict..

#LoveNatural name is Toyin..and I’m an addict.

I’ve sat in meeting after meeting..listening to other women..and men about their love

Yes. I said hair.


Having begun my descent into getting my hair to Bra Strap Length (BSL)..the amount of information I am obtaining in regards to hair care, natural hair, products and regimes is intense!

So for all’a y’all that don’t actually know, my goal for next year April is to get my hair to BSL..It is currently between Shoulder Blade Length (SBL) and Armpit Length (APL). I have a new regime..great products and patience to get me to the level I want to be at by next year..

A lot of my friends have jumped onto the natural hair care journey as well..which makes me so happy 🙂
So some are currently transitioning from relaxed to natural at the moment, some have already done the big chop and their hair is now growing beautifully and some are yet to start..but I’ve already thrown my weight into supporting them all 100%..I love all hair..and I don’t know..maybe I’m biased *I know I am..ha ha*..but I think natural hair is definitely the way forward all day errday 🙂

I’ve seen some extremely beautiful hair over the past weeks after joining the most intuitive and helpful social networking site for hair. Yes. Again I said Hair. Don’t hate.

The website is and on that website you can find the most incredible information about hair and regimes and products and get advice and talk to some amazing women and men alike..who like you..are on their own hair journeys..and I’m telling you, I’ve seen some of the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen on this website.
Another website I’m glued to it’s a blog by a mom, following the hair care journey of her daughter, who I believe to be about 5 (if I’m not mistaken)..and has the most amazing, beautiful hair..Kudos to mom for maintaining such a high standard for your baby!

The thing that stuck with me the most about this website (I can’t remember if I read it or watched it on one of the videos), was that A’s mom (A’s the little girl), said that she makes doing her hair she enjoys it and her daughter looks forward to getting her hair done all the time because its fun for her.

I know sometimes little ones hair can be tough, but that doesn’t mean you should just run to a relaxer..#JustSayin

But yeah…by no way am I affiliated with or and I’m not being paid to promote websites, blogs or products, and they probably will never even read this..but sometimes you just need to give a shout out to those who are doing it for you at the stage you’re at with your hair journeys..and right now..these two websites are really doing it for me..

So ladies..*and gents*..obtaining beautiful hair whatever type, texture or colour is gotta just have patience, love your hair and you can look at Ebony’s or even Traci’s hair and wish you had what they had..but everybody’s hair is different and when you realise the potential YOUR hair has..embrace it..and let’s get out of the mentality that as people of African, Caribbean, mixed and any other “black” hertiage..our hair can’t grow..because it can..but you just have to be patient enough to let it show you.

One Love


~ by originalapplejunkie on September 13, 2011.

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