My Ballet Woes..

Never Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today..

Hey ya’’s it going??

I’ve been in Portugal now for 6 days..and the amount that I’ve already done is crazy!
I’ve already had some amazing Vogue‘s Fashion Night Out that happened on September 8th in Lisbon, London, NYC and Barcelona..just to name a few cities 🙂
I’ve been to the beach..almost attended a beach party *we’ll talk about that later*..and found an underground like Portuguese Jazz/Hip-Hop Club amongst other things..

So on Saturday, one of the girls I stay with asked me if I would like to go to a dance class with her..and you know, being in a new country and incessant on trying new things, I thought yeah..what could the harm be in me trying some I went along to the class..

So we got to Baixa-Chiado and walked to this dance school..we got there and the people were so friendly it was I went to the changing rooms, left my shoes and my bag there and went to the studio..

The class lasted for around an hour or so, and it was basically ballet on the floor (Called “Ballet No Chão” in Portuguese)..and it consisted of stretches and flexes and manoeuvres that made me wince in pain.
After the class…I felt good..I was tough, but I actually really enjoyed it..*personally at one point doing the class though I did think I was fully going to die..or at least pass out!*

So its two days after and my hips and waist are crying out to me in pain..I feel like someone beat me up and I am now rotating my neck incredibly slowly..but its really okay..

I’m definitely going back to that class on Saturday..and I’m going to stick with it for the year…because you know..that’s what I do..I commit 🙂

So for all of you that want to try something new..even though you may feel the most excruciating pain you have felt or you’re just putting off tomorrow what you can do today..get on the horse and try it’ve got nothing to lose right?

As for me..that’s an adventure I’m looking forward to undertaking again..and maybe next time it won’t be so bad 🙂


Luv, Peace n Hairgrease Ya’ll


~ by originalapplejunkie on September 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “My Ballet Woes..”

  1. Wow! great post! love your commitment! Good luck!

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