“Good” Hair…

So…I’ve just got in from Uni…

And I know what you’re thinking…00:38…yeah, it’s kinda late…but I thought I’d just get at you and see what’s been up! 🙂

So at about 7pm, I get to the Students Union (after a loooooong day of revision might I add!), and you know, me and a few friends are watching YouTube…and just stumbled across Bobby V, so you know, we kinda left his music playing in the background when we were talking. Then we start talking about Hair…BLACK Hair to be specific…one of the girls that was with us started talking about a process called Fusion (where weave is attached to the hair in strands and it looks and feels authentic), and so the hair discussion proceeded.

Before we knew it, we were on YouTube watching clips on black hair, how people don’t like the way they are, how black women define and judge each other by how much hair they have or don’t have, whether it’s curly, straight, natural or permed (chemically relaxed).

What kinda resonated in me the most was watching the “What is Good Hair?” clips from the Tyra Show and seeing 5 and 6 year olds sayin Nappy Hair isn’t beautiful and they’d rather wear Hannah Montana wigs than have their own hair…(1 little girl said that…)

One of the little girls mothers actually told Tyra that because of the way she was teased and bullied in School about her hair growing up that she decided when she was just 11 years old that she would have a child outside of her race so her child could have nice hair…I was so shocked…

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having kids outside your race, but for that to be the reason, so she can have nice hair…its kinda sad…then she’s got her little 5 year old running round saying that people with nappy hair are lower class because of their hair…

All that we watched and saw today I think was so interesting and I want to find out more about what people think regarding hair and all that jazz…because I was amazed today to see the standards that people upheld regarding black hair…

My hair is completely natural. Like, I’ve never had a perm, or anything…when I was 13-15 though, my dad used to own a hairdressers, so I used to get my hair hot combed (flat-ironed) on a regular basis. The only reason I stopped flat-ironing my hair was because the hairdresser kept burning my ears when she did it, and it was annoying because whenever I got my hair done it would rain and then frizz would hit!

I have a lot of hair…but I wear weave…I have been wearing weave for about 4-5 years I think and I only do it because it’s more manageable for me…and people say that’s just laziness…but for me it works…hair out in the summer and weaved up in the winter…that’s just how I do it…I have a lot of hair…that just works for me…

But me and a few friends are now planning a kinda forum night thing…ish…(we kinda haven’t worked out the logistics yet..*he he*)…to talk to people in Uni about it, show a couple of video’s and discuss what people feel what their opinions are and why…

But that’s all I’m saying on the subject for now…

But I think Natural is absolutely beautiful and I wouldn’t have mine any other way 😀
**I do love ALL hair types though**

It’s bedtime for me…gota be in the library for 10am 🙂

Nite x

I think Natural Hair is amazing 🙂

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 28, 2011.

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