So I woke up this morning with strange pains resonating through my stomach. No matter what side I turned onto…or how much I tried to stretch out the pain…it never went away…it got worse.

I managed to climb out of bed, get myself to the kitchen and make myself some lemon tea to try to soothe the storm…I’m feeling better now and am now dressed and ready to go for my 2pm examination.

I have no..erm…nothing on my mind…I mean specifically that I want to write about…

There are people…all over the world…that went to sleep yesterday and didn’t even wake up this morning…or even woke up this morning and have since passed away…the same way…all over the world millions of babies have been given life.

I don’t know…I’m feeling really appreciative and thankful this afternoon…for life…

I’m not ranting…or sad…or depressed…or confused…or anything. I think I just woke up this morning and I was me. I haven’t felt like me in a long time…

I can sometimes be a pain and complain a lot about the people around me, the situations I find myself in or the breaks that I didn’t get. I know how selfish that is when people are going through craziness and hell in other places.

Over the last few days, I’ve been speaking to a girl in my University a lot more than I used to. I think she’s amazing.

People talk about her and spread, gossip, lies, and generally just try to tear her down anyway they feel possible. And through it all…she stands…and she stands tall.
She’s one of those women that you kinda just have to look at and think wow…she knows where she’s going in her life, what she wants to achieve and what she wants to accomplish. And a lot of people don’t like that.
She’s confident, opinionated, passionate, strong, beautiful and extremely inspirational.

I’ve been feeling lately that I need to just stop. I need to stop and remember to be thankful.

University isn’t that bad either and I’m learning that as soon as I forgive people and release them…I release myself.

In all my 21 years of living, I’m starting to feel like I get it…Like I’m starting to discover what I’M really about. Not anyone else.

I grew up wanting to please everyone and make everyone happy…even if within that process I wasn’t…It didn’t help me…it lowered my self-esteem as I used to compare myself to other people and I was never happy with myself.
The fact that now I know I’m amazing just the way I am…I can smile.

I’ll still have rough days…and I’ll also have amazing days where everything is great…For now…I’m just happy to be alive and healthy…not a lot of people can say the same.


Hope you are all having an amazing day…whatever you’re all doing…just be thankful and appreciative of you.
You are one-of-a-kind, unique, special and perfect in EVERY SINGLE WAY.




~ by originalapplejunkie on April 14, 2011.

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