A little Apple Junkie update…x

Okay…*s’been a long time…I know*…sorry…*embarrassed face*

A lot’s been going on with me and it’s kinda been those things where it’s like…to blog or not to blog?

But yeah…in all seriousness…it has been a tough couple of months…emotionally, mentally and physically and I just wana thank God first and foremost that despite all that’s happened I’m still here ๐Ÿ™‚

So recently…I’ve been on a happy high…not taking myself too seriously…having a laugh with myself…going out; willing might I add, and socialising (not like I don’t anyway…but you know :D). I also recently decided that I really should start cooking more often…like proper food and not like pasta and whatnot…

THOUGHT: Pasta is a staple food…I know…but for me it’s a quick fix because I can’t be bothered to cook like rice or shepherds pie or something…ha ha

FURTHER THOUGHT: Rice and shepherds pie are just examples…I cook other things too ๐Ÿ˜€

So onย Wednesday…I decide to cook a Lamb and Potato Hotpot…you know Lamb, chunky vegetables, covered in potato discs…and I was quite proud of what I’d achieved…and it did taste better than what I remembered ๐Ÿ™‚
So I put the rest back into the oven…because it was hot and I thought you know…I can plate it up and put it in the fridge in the morning when it has cooled down…

So me being me…woke up an hour before class and rushed to do everything I do (as per usual) to get there on time and kinda left a trail of dust as I ran out of my flat!
After class I sat in this domed glass-like building we have at Uni to read my *Perfect Wedding* magazine and just chill out because the weather was amazing…and I started getting hungry and started feeling a little nauseous so I thought ah…lunch…so an hour or so after the initial feeling of hunger…I headed home ๐Ÿ™‚

THOUGHT: I thought that I may in fact need to clarify that no…I’m not getting married, and no, I’m not engaged, and no I’m not one of those women that just read bridal magazines…actually…I kinda am…I actually assist and participate in planning events and weddings and I like to know what the new looks, trends and styles are and get idea’s and inspiration for the future you know…and I love it!

So I arrive back…**as happy as I could be in a store full of apple juice**…chuck my bag in my room and head to the kitchen…

The hotpot I cooked the day before was on the counter because one of my flatmates was baking cookies and needed to use the oven…which is fine you know…so I walk over and my mouth kinda just drops open

er…somebody ate my food.”

My two flatmates that are in the kitchen with me both look at me…a little confused

I repeat…”someone ATE my food…”

I was actually in shock…like I couldn’t actually believe it…and I know it probably doesn’t sound like a big deal but this has never happened to me before. The food I’d cooked…the night before had had a big chunk taken out of it and a little piece had been left in the corner of my casserole dish. I was fuming.

My beautiful happy smiley streak I could see was coming to an end, and that day I said nothing else about the matter.

Then. Came. Thursday.

I was not a happy bunny. I still didn’t know who’d eaten my food and had become slightly irritable because of it…it was an issue…it was a beautiful day…but I wasn’t smiling.

Then on the way home from class everything else that had been bothering me for the two days kinda started bubbling and I lost it. I just lost it…right there…on the street. I looked crazy…the screaming, the gestures…I was venting *and forgetting to breathe in the process* to my poor friend on the phone who had just happened to call at the wrong time.


So I’ve had an eventful few days…and I’m fine now…
I’m not feeling the need to injure anyone or take revenge by eating everyone else’s food when I don’t actually know who did it…

For me it’s just the principle…if you did something…just have the balls to admit it was you…otherwise I’m the one that kinda gets left there…looking kinda crazy…

But it’s all good…s’all in the past…but I needed to get that out there…but I’m calm ๐Ÿ™‚

I do hope you’re all amazing and happy and smiley…as the world should be ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s it from me for now…




~ by originalapplejunkie on April 9, 2011.

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